Here are billions of ways to find gratitude; to connect.

As the sun set and the stars began to light the sky, I thought: “I may not be able to see a billion stars…”

But then, I watched the Milky Way spill across the sky. I saw a few planets, twinkling low across the horizon. Phasing in, were thousands upon thousands of sprinkled little lights, shining brightly for unknown millions and trillions of light years, through the darkness of space.

All so we can gaze at them in ushered wonderment.

“I may not be able to see a billion stars, but looking up at this sky removes any doubt that they are out there.”

I was not alone, I was laying across a (still) warm rock with gratitude and faith.

Desert Muse

I’ve traveled to a lot of lands, and never have I seen such beauty as the desert. In the morning light, the hues of the low rising sun send a green blaze across the terrain as the vegetation gets its spotlight and “time in the sun”. As the sun rolls across the sky, the rock in the distant mountain changes color. In the evening, shades of orange, red, blue and purple. At night, the stars light the sky and guide a lost soul, like mine.

Sometimes, I just pull off the road to sit. Watch. Be grateful.

The sunset was a firey blaze of color. Planes flying across the path of the moon. The air was cool, with a breeze.

No better time to pull of and love the moment. Just stop time, amidst the free beauty of Mother Nature.

Hope you enjoy the pics and find a moment for yourself. I know it was just what I needed. ☺️

This is one of the ways that I find joy and happiness. Stay centered.

Rare find (so I was told): the illusive Brown Pigeon

My buddy James was telling me that brown Pigeons are pretty rare. We came across one, and he and his girl are really into bird watching.  He asked to get a picture of it.
So I made loud shrieking noises while running across the parking lot holding my phone in front of me on auto fire – like I was headed into an ancient battle with a sword.
Some people nearby were a little confused, but I got the shot.

It’s okay, I don’t really embarass easily anymore.