Fruit is a staple and a way of life.

There were times, while traveling, that I could barely afford a can of soup. But I would still find a way to get a few bananas and an apple – enjoy the sweet candy that Mother Nature provides.

Part of living healthy, for me, is feeding the body good stuff. When I don’t eat well, my energy goes up and down. I don’t think as clearly. I then turn to caffeine and energy drinks that further send my brain into a cycle of over producing chemicals to jack me up. Following with a crash.

My psychiatrist would tell at me, “you only have ONE BRAIN man. Stop tearing it up.”

So my breakfast usually starts off with some oatmeal, that gives me sustained energy. Some fruit and organic honey to sweeten it up. Only one cup of coffee to get me moving – but not enough to send my system into a tailspin that I never quite recover from.

Rare find (so I was told): the illusive Brown Pigeon

My buddy James was telling me that brown Pigeons are pretty rare. We came across one, and he and his girl are really into bird watching.  He asked to get a picture of it.
So I made loud shrieking noises while running across the parking lot holding my phone in front of me on auto fire – like I was headed into an ancient battle with a sword.
Some people nearby were a little confused, but I got the shot.

It’s okay, I don’t really embarass easily anymore.


Call me Dr. Doolittle

In my usual style of silliness, I enlist total strangers to help make (not so) gentle animal noises at some large Mule Deer Elk(ish) beasts that were blocking the road.  Take a look.