Carefree Highway lives up to its name…

I stopped off on a dark desolate desert side road, for a 20 min nap. I set up my hammock and wrapped up in a warm blanket.

The sky was speckled with stars. Just as a shooting star blazed across the sky, and I made a wish, I slipped into a deep slumber.

My 20 minute nap turned into 6 hours. Woke up to quite a crisp (no, cold) clear morning. πŸ™‚

Back in the road. Refreshed and ready.

For me, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

I am 10 minutes from my destination. I’m so glad that my aunt Mikki is also a believer that it’s more the journey, than the destination. 😊

This short (yet rain prolonged) trip has given me so much beauty

and insight. It would be such a shame to rush and have missed it.

Love the moment, and try and enjoy a piece of beauty in your life.

For me, in stopping to enjoy the moment, I find gratitude. Gratitude leads to humbleness and staying spiritually connected. Those lead to peace and centeredness. There are other tools in my mental tool bag, but those mentioned are daily, for me. All part of my path to happiness.

Have a wonderful day, everyone.

If you suffer (emotionally) in silence, there is a path to hope and happiness. You are not alone.

I was shooting some time lapse while bored last night (this morning) and had an idea to throw this video together. Well, I had an hour to really reflect on how alone I felt, in my push through life, before getting diagnosed and taking full steps towards managing my bipolar disorder.

I wrote this and then made the video. There is a lot more I would have liked to have done with it, and it might become a future project. But at least I got my thoughts down, before I took a nap and rested a bit. Long drive, made much longer by constant storms.

For most of my life, I was sure that happiness would never be achievable. I did not want to live and tried to end my life

I knew, from the depths of my soul, that I was different. There was something wrong with me. I was sick.

When I reached out to friends and family, I was told that everyone feels the way I do.

I watched people closely. Observed human behavior. Mimicked other’s reactions. Wore a very heavy mask of happiness.

My bipolar disorder was repeatedly destroying my life, relationships, successes, spirituality, and joy.

I didn’t know how to talk about it. How to describe my silent suffering. Physical pain of depression and out of control mania.

Today, I have made a choice to be happy. Understand my illness. Use its strengths. We can find a path to happiness.

If you are in pain, as I was… Know this:


Even in the thick darkness, I see the light. Where my mind drifts on long dark drives through the desert.

As I pull off into the utter thick darkness of the desert, to capture the looking thunderstorms, I had a thought that swirled into a short piece. Here it is below. πŸ™‚

On this stormy desert night, I drive through darkness that is thick like dark tar. The light of my brights seems to be swallowed by it. Traffic is sparce, at best. If not for the flash bursts of lightning behind the mountains, I would swear that I was falling through a black hole.

But, I drive forward through the night filled with faith, full of love, and charged an enthusiasm for life. The cockpit of my car is filled with the harmony of my music and the sweet crisp wind is blowing across my face.

I smile. The chill from the cool air dissipates. I believe it with all my heart and soul; as long as I am connected – mind, body, spirit, and to the people I love – that I can face any challenges ahead. From flat tire to test of virtues, I will end up where I need to be.

Having gratitude for any of Mother Nature’s creations, grounds and centers me. Especially this guy, tho. πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜ΌπŸ˜Ί

Nature has always centered me. But, it’s amazing how much peace I get when I spend time with my loving little pup (more of an old man). Knowing that I am responsible for the well being of this living creature, helps ground me. Spending time with him elevates my soul and brings me so much joy and happiness. πŸ™‚ Helps center me, for sure.

Haven’t seen my best friend,, much for days. Making up for it with lots of pets and loving. 😻😻😻

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Oatmeal Surprise. I add a few things that might surprise you…

I start most every day with my oatmeal surprise.

Cook some plain oatmeal, add a HUGE scoop of peanut butter, while it melts into the oatmeal, I drizzle with honey. The surprise is whatever fruit I have that is getting over ripe. Today was a Fuji apple with a bad spot and a banana that was about to go to mush.

Sprinkle a bit of Allspice and cinnamon on top, to add a little kick.


I try and feed my mind, body, and spirit. Last few weeks, I was on the slide. Eating fast food and getting away from healthy habits. Back on track now.

I have to feed the body good stuff, before I can feed my mind and spirit. They are all connected. I was putting junk and candy in – junk production and junk for spiritual centeredness is what I got; added to these jobs dragging out. Plus, I’ve been really active lately. Even at eating 4 to 5000 calories a day, I’m loosing weight. This should pack a bit back on. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š

I find joy, even in the mundane. Staying in the moment is part of finding my way to happiness.

It’s kind of a joke (no, definitely is a joke) with people I work with: I can be very slow.

It’s true. I can be be fast; but choose to make a little less, in my choice to find a little more joy in my work. I’m okay with that and I give full disclosure to clients. Even though contractors may poke fun, they call me in for the tough and technically detailed parts that they are struggling with. They know, in the end, the job will be done right and with pride.

The reason I am able to consistently put out quality work, is largely due to one of the tools in my mental health tool-bag.

Stay in the moment.

Even in the mundane tasks, I put in effort to clear my head, feel the materials, listen to the sounds they make or some good music, let my head and soul drift, and find my place of Zen. I am at peace with self and don’t easily get frustrated. Instead, as problems arise, I am able to look at them from different angles and tackle them – one by one. Even on a long day, I get so much enjoyment from doing the job well that I don’t even notice that I’ve been working for hours.

I stand back, smile, and am grateful that I have met the challenges in front of me.