Colorful Steps

We are breaking ground on a passion project! My partner, Christion, had a great idea for the name… Colorful Steps.

The people that we have met in the desert are on their own colorful paths to healing and spirituality. We have been planning, for some time, how to provide a place that promotes the values that we have seen growing in ourselves and those around us. Below is a write up on the video, of our plans there, and a video walking you through the plans.

Enjoy, and we hope to see you there!!

We are breaking ground at the future home of Colorful Steps. Colorful Steps is a spiritual retreat to connect to your spirituality, find joy, peace, and centeredness.

We all fight battles or get stuck in our own ruts. I once became completely disconnected from my spirituality and lived a life of anxiety, narcissism, and unhappiness. I was chasing all the wrong ideas and my value system was misguided.

When I began taking steps to connecting, spiritually, doors began to open all over the place and I was led to the desert. It was here that I connected to Christian and I saw his vision for this land. The energy was amazing in this place and I felt a strong peace in my soul.

We want to develope this land into a retreat that fosters growth in all areas – to be whole, complete , and happy. As the community comes together, we see a vision of the different colors and ideas gowing this place into it’s own path. We have learned from the people here, that are bright in their own colorful way, that when a community of spriitual minded indiviuals finds trust to open up to eachother – growth on all platforms is unavoidable. We saw this in action at Three Moons, nearby, over a campfire playing homemade instruments and sharing stories. We have had some of our best inflection while meditating amungst the view of the mountains that surrounds the valley. We have found connections and love in our hearts that continues to grow.

As we build the first few guest houses, we would like to open this place to those who would like to learn the art and construction of building earth houses, tiny homes, nursery, and other skills that can be taken home along with a piece of the spirit of the desert.

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