My insatiable hunger is for more than food: staying healthy and keeping a zest for life.

I have this insatiable hunger that just doesn’t stop. On the way home, I tore into a pound of lunch meat and half my cheese. Some flamin’ hot munchies, too. Then made a 4 egg amazing breakfast sandwich. 3 cheeses, capers, onions, fire roasted tomatoes, minced garlic, and rotisserie chicken. 😋😋

Staying active helps keeps my mood level and centered. I’m loosing weight in a healthy way – slow and steady. Feel amazing. Get to eat whatever I want. 🙂

If you have been thinking of getting in shape, I don’t go to a gym. I jog across the parking lot (or fast walk), instead of looking for a spot up close. Sometimes run and ride the shopping cart, giggling like a kid. I walk a few blocks down to the next store instead of driving. I carry heavy things instead of using a dolly (safely). And when I am just standing around, I squat against a wall instead of sitting down. Getting in shape, for me, isn’t about spending a lot of time at the gym. It’s about changing a few things in my day that are manageable.

I try not to set myself up for failure anymore. 🙂

A lot of small wins boosts my ego and esteem in a healthy way and gives me the motivation to go after the bigger challenges.

Next: quit vaping and learn time management.

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