Melody of aromas, Sypmphony of flavor – step out of your box and play with the sences.

I love to eat.  LOVE it.

I try to take a moment extra, when making something – to add just a little extra twist to play with the senses.  Then,take a few extra moments, as I enjoy my tasty treat, to clear my mind and just ENJOY the flavors, aromas, and sensations.

Today, I stepped way out of my box and put together a beautiful melody for my mouth.

Yes, it was just a sandwich.  LOL

But to my usual honey roasted turkey – I used a creamy smoked Gouda, then added some crumbled blue cheese to bring in some bold flavor.  I added capers (never done this) for bursts of salty tartness and sun-dried fire roasted tomatoes to compliment them.  With turkey, I usually like to sprinkle in some dried cranberries – the sweet tartness is perfect with turkey and reminds me of Thanksgiving meals with my family – happy nostalgia goes well with any deli meat, really.  Then some sliced green onion for a burst of aroma and a little spinach for crunch.

Oh wow.  There were so many flavors playing together as I ate my meal, with some sweet potato and cinnamon Sun Chips.  More like a symphony under fireworks.IMG_9374

Healthy lunch; energy is great after eating.  No fries needed with this combo.

Twenty minutes later – I can still taste the flavors.  That, my friends, makes me very happy.

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